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At the beginning of the 20th century, British scientist Henry Brearley invented alloy steel, and the story of stainless steel began.

When many people's cognition of stainless steel products is still in the industrial and commercial spaces, the cold, angular, and unexpected stainless steel material can be transformed into bathroom cabinets of different shapes in the hands of the young President Yang. Product.

The taming and creative pleasure of "steel" gave the founder Mr. Yang the idea of "making stainless steel homes".



"A revolution in modern home furnishings"

With more than ten years of experience and exploration, Mr. Yang has played the "art of steel" to the extreme and at the same time found a new starting point for his career.


In 2005, a brand of bathroom cabinets boldly using stainless steel-Bonny Topmei came into being.


From the beginning of the production of glass wash basins to the production of stainless steel bathroom cabinets, the founder, with a keen perspective and unique vision, became the first person to eat crabs in the industry.


After two years of exploration, in 2007, it was a blockbuster with a unique design concept and a fashionable artistic style.


Changes in the environment have challenged the comfort zone of the home furnishing industry, but at the same time it has also extended its boundaries.

In the past three years, it has made great progress. With the self-developed colorful stainless steel bathroom cabinets, it has further consolidated its leading position in the stainless steel industry.


Since 2012

BNITM has outlets all over the country, which not only refreshes most people's traditional understanding of stainless steel products, but also leads an industry change every time a new model is launched.


From entering the sanitary ware industry to becoming attached to stainless steel

Yang Wanjun has always had a“Stainless steel home dream”

In 2017, founder Yang Wanjun once again set off an upsurge and formally proposed the concept of stainless steel home.
At the same time, a number of imported numerical control equipment has been introduced, and the process technology has been continuously upgraded, and the overall production quality and efficiency have been greatly improved.


"The combination of soft steel and customized steel needs a new era"

In 2019, BNITM’s brand has been fully upgraded, opening a new era of environmental protection of “steel instead of wood” with a number of core technologies, advocating the innovative spirit of “steel and softness”, and shaping living spaces from an artistic perspective, in terms of function and image The above is perfect to help more consumers expand their beautiful living space.


Fifteen years of in-depth cultivation and exploration in the stainless steel home furnishing industry has established Bonnet Topmei's status as the king of stainless steel bathroom cabinets.
"Give life more elegance, and art carries cultural taste", this is Bonnie Topmei's unremitting pursuit.
In the future, Bonnie Topmei will lead the development of the stainless steel whole house customization industry without being limited to the present, and let "Made in China" go to the world.






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