Development history

Development History

As an excellent brand in the stainless steel bathroom cabinet industry, Bonnettome always grasps the needs of customers,takes customer comfort as its responsibility, and guides the warm culture of bathroom. At the same time, BNITM is committed to the pursuit of product quality and service, with high standards and strict requirements based on modern business management

concepts and systems.



BNITM was born next to the lotus throne of Guanyin Daxian, Xiqiao, Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong. The founder, with a keen perspective, unique vision, and the business philosophy of future development, professionally builds stainlesssteel bathroom cabinets and becomes a crab-eater in the sanitary ware industry.

As a professional manufacturer that used 304# stainless steel sheet to developstainless steel bathroom cabinets in the early days, BNITM has been widely recognized by the market, and the joy of success has strengthened the confidenceof leaders. At that time, it attracted 98 investment and became the endorsement of the brand of stainless steel bathroom cabinet industry.



BNITM Guangzhou Building Materials, Kitchen and Bathroom Trade Fair was successfully held. The rich accumulation and thin hair of BNITM quietly
appeared with brand-new product design concepts and fashionable artistic styles,


BNITM Shanghai Building Materials, Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition was successfully held again, the scale of the factory was rapidly expanded, and the equipment continued to increase. While meeting the market demand, it paid close

attention to quality management and worked hard. It has successively obtained: "Quality Integrity Unit" and "User Satisfied with the product" and other honors. There are 263 employees and sales exceed 50 million yuan.



BNITM once again appeared at the 14th Shanghai Building Materials, Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition, leading the trend of colored stainless steel bathroom cabinets, and further established the brand position in the industry. The sales network quickly expanded to several hundred, and the factory scale expanded to more than 35,000 square meters. The number of employees has increased to 328, the management system has been strengthened and upgraded, and it has gradually entered the orderly "high-speed rail era".

BNITM Foshan’s new product launch event once again attracted the attention of new and old dealers. The scene was extremely active, with more than 10 million confirmed orders. By the end of the year, there were 76 specialty stores, achieving an industry miracle with annual sales of more than 80 million.



With its three major series of products, "Classic", "Technology" and "Fashion", BNITM has once again registered in the 16th Shanghai Building Materials·Sanitary Ware Exhibition. Unique design style, perfect new craftsmanship, ten technical advantages, cast Bonnettomei stainless steel bathroom cabinet brand status.

BNITM brought its self-developed arc space series products to the Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition, becoming the star product of bathroom cabinets and leading the new trend of bathroom cabinets. In the same year, Bonnie Topmei won the title of "Top Ten Bathroom Cabinet Brands" again.



After 7 years of steady development, the company adjusted its strategic development plan again and purchased a 30,000-square-meter factory building, which truly realized a business system integrating production, learning, research, and sales, and became the first deputy director of the Foshan Bathroom Cabinet Alliance. The chairman unit, the chairman unit of the "Integral Home Furnishing Alliance", and was also awarded the honorary titles of "Model Project Demonstration Unit in the Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet Industry" and "Top 500 Enterprises in Pan-Home Furnishing Development".

"Industry new cabinets, bath see the future-Bonnettomei new product tasting meeting and distributor meeting" was successfully held. BNITM's new products set a new trend for high-end stainless steel bathroom cabinets with perfect design and excellent quality.



BNITM successfully partnered with and became an advertising partner of The brand's strength has risen to a new level. In the same year, BNITM participated in the 20th Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition. On the basis of the main stainless steel bathroom cabinets, it launched a new series of integrated kitchen and bathroom products such as stainless steel shoe cabinets, stainless steel laundry cabinets, stainless steel shower rooms, and stainless steel shower screens. field. BNITM also won the "2015 Product Quality Award" and "2015 Product Design Award" jointly issued by the Design Committee of Foshan Sanitary Ware Industry Association and Foshan Quality Management Association.

BNITM shined at the 21st Shanghai Kitchen & Bath Show, re-displaying the charm of the king, and winning the popularity of the show.







Ditanggang and Xinyonggang, the 12th villager group of Baixioubian Village, Xiqiao Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City

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